All things black and beautiful!



“All things black and beautiful”; an ongoing exercise of mine in painting models black!  Model subjects (specifically racing cars) usually look best in their recognisable colourful livery, having said that, the same subjects finished in plain black can look equally attractive!  My first two experimental models were the Revell F10 and the Minichamps Jordan 911.  I have a few others destined for the same fate, A Solido Aston Martin, Tamiya Jordan 191 and Ferrari F2001 plus a 1/48 scale Dornier.  More on these as I make progress.

img_20170105_224401-600x800 img_20170105_224323-600x800 img_20170105_224317-800x600 img_20170105_224126-800x600 img_20170105_224101-800x600 img_20170105_223921-800x600 img_20170105_223901-800x600 img_20170105_223851-800x600

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