Revell Ferrari F10 – Tropicana finish!

I used Humbrol Ferrari red from the canister to apply about four light coats, but unfortunately the finish is something the people at Tropicana would be proud of – ORANGE PEEL texture!!   I wasn’t really surprised, as it’s always difficult to avoid this result when using  aerosols.  So I’m busy using a sanding stick to bring it back down to something a little more smooth before I give it a couple of coats of Johnsons clear.   I also used a can of aerosol to spray a chrome effect on the wheels – not a bad finish for €7.00!  It was worth a try for that kind of money – I happened to see the canister in an art suppliers (produced originally for achieving a mirror finish) and at the time, I thought “that will come in handy at some stage” – so I was glad to have the opportunity to experiment with it – especially when the kit itself was only €25.00 – not the end of the world if it didn’t work!  I’ll keep going with both kitsand hopefully in the next week or so I’ll have at least one of them finished – talk soon.

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