Is time running out for Bernie?

I finished the detail painting of my 43rd scale figure of “Bernie” (Mr F1).

I gave him a couple of coats of protective varnish and perched him atop an F1 timepiece for a miniature photo- shoot!   I’m having some problems at the moment with the macro setting on my Fuji Finepix camera – it comes and goes, as it gets itself confused about what it’s trying to do!  However, today it behaved itself and dealt admirably with the restricted depth of field on all settings!  On the subject of “Bernie’s” tenure at the helm of the F1 empire grinding to an ignominious end? Well for the last 25 years there has always been speculation that he was going to “trip over” something or other from his past which would bring down the F1 house of cards, but not so.  Each time the media publish some new “finding” he just “ploughs on” regardless!  He’s continued to outfox all his critics and is still a force to be reckoned with – not bad for a man 80 years old!!

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