On the workbench – “All out of gas” (WIP 3rd Oct)

"All out of gas"!

I’ve started work on “ageing” that gas pump.  From it’s original glossy paint finish (as it would have stood on a busy station forecourt many years ago) to a now defunct and rusted relic of times past.  I stripped it down, gave it a good sanding and then a primer coat. With the aid of Valejo acrylics I’m giving it that distressed look using several layers of paint and detail pin washes.  The hosepipe has been given that worn look with wire and masking tape and as part of the reassembly I’ll make up an appropriate top piece (with or without some sort of logo/branding).  As I started out using blue, I had though of working in the Gluf colours so we shall see how it goes.  Also I have yet to remove the masking tape from the front gauge panel (which I will  also subject to some weathering treatment) and blend it in with the overall finish.  A bit of tumbleweed/ grass and ground work will add the final touches, more later, Cheers for now…

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