Ayrton Senna 1994; Dark clouds gathering……

Dark clouds gathering.....
Dark clouds gathering…..

…….back in 1994 Williams Renault were the dominant team in F1 with both Mansell and Prost having bagged the drivers title for them in ’92 & ’93 respectively. With Senna joining the team in 1994 it promised to be a really exciting season ahead.  Prost had retired (rather than partner Senna) and so, Senna eventually got his hands on the only thing he believed was required to become World Champ’ once again in 1994; an FW16.

From the outset it appeared Senna had problems getting the car to handle to his liking, and two “DNF’s” in the first two Grands Prix of ’94 didn’t instill confidence.  Lot’s of the photo’s and footage from the early part of the ’94 season seems to show Senna in a very reflective and downcast mood and dare I say, somewhat ill at ease.  Williams were constantly working hard on trying to improve the cars’ handling, and it sported many modifications for the third Grand Prix at; Imola and the rest as they say is, history.    I’ve attempted to capture the downcast mood in this 1/20 resin casting by Craft10.  The head is bowed forward and his helmet, gloves and balaclava have been inserted into his clasped hands as though to convey he is (unhappily) walking away from his stationary car.  The figure is painted in acrylics and for some added colour, I’ve painted the Senninha character (logo of his charity) on his T shirt.

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