Stuck to the Loo!! – WIP (Updated Jan’31)

A humorous and unusual little casting I came across some time ago from Scalelink.   It’s of a gentleman getting away from it all by enjoying a quiet read in peace!   The kit comprises; toilet bowl, cistern, down-pipe, door, and the man himself.  As the door appears to be more suited to a convenience located outside in the garden, I’m using some styrene offcuts to construct an appropriate out-house so to speak.  More on this little one later….. IMG_20170131_204000 (800x600) IMG_20170131_203929 (600x800) IMG_20170131_204015 (600x800) IMG_20170131_203917 (600x800) IMG_20170131_203812 (600x800) IMG_20170131_203820 (600x800) IMG_20170131_203754 (600x800) IMG_20170131_203802 (600x800)IMG_20170110_224412 (600x800) IMG_20170110_223033 (600x800) IMG_20170110_223014 (600x800) IMG_20170110_222937 (600x800) IMG_20170110_222911 (600x800) IMG_20170110_222636 (600x800) IMG_20170110_222838 (600x800) IMG_20170110_222823 (800x600) IMG_20170110_222709 (600x800) IMG_20170110_222831 (800x600)

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