Red Bull RB1 Star Wars Monaco GP 2005

A Minichamps 1/43 RB1 driven by Christian Klein in the Monaco Grand Prix 2005 to publicize the Star Wars film; “Revenge of the Sith”. This model was converted from the standard Red Bull livery to the Star Wars colors using high quality aftermarket decals.  The original decals were stripped away first, and the new decals were affixed and then sealed with four coats of Johnsons Klear varnish.  The Han Solo figure is a white metal casting kit by Knight Models which I assembled and painted with Vallejo acrylics.

IMG_20170902_233806 (800x600) IMG_20170902_233915 (800x600) IMG_20170902_233943 (800x600) IMG_20170902_234008 (600x800) IMG_20170903_114303 (800x600) IMG_20170903_114343 (800x600) IMG_20170903_114417 (800x600) IMG_20170903_114443 (800x600) IMG_20170903_114924 (800x600) IMG_20170903_115601 (800x600) IMG_20170903_115610 (800x600) IMG_20170903_115724 (600x800) IMG_20170903_115739 (600x800) IMG_20170903_115824 (800x600) IMG_20170903_115834 (800x600) IMG_20170903_115845 (800x600) IMG_20170903_115856 (800x600)

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