Maserati 250F engine 1/20 scale

Maserati 250F engine strapped to a wooden pallet / trolley. The engine is a metal casting from the Italian company Revival Miniatures (to which I have added some extra detail and plumbing).  The trolley is a scratch plastic job, and the mechanic is the (pushing) Lorenzo Bandini figure from Hiroboy.  I’ve added the beginings of mechanics overalls to him (with milliput), so further refinement is required.

DSCF9352 DSCF9353 DSCF9366 DSCF9367 DSCF9368 DSCF9371 DSCF9372 DSCF9373 DSCF9376 DSCF9377 DSCF9378 DSCF9381

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