Resin Casting – reunited with a very satisfying experience!!

I’d forgotten how satisfying it is to make up a rubber mold of something and then pop some resin castings out – pure magic (well, sometimes).  It’s quite a while since I first did it, but it has been pretty easy to get the hang of it.  These roof / cargo boxes are destined for some 1/18 scale cars as I mentioned in my earlier post.  I have all the easy stuff done with them, now comes the hard part, cleaning the castings and removing flash etc, ah yes, what a wonderful experience!!

IMG_20200404_224611 (1)


IMG_20200318_114825 (1)

IMG_20200318_114749 (1)IMG_20200318_114732 (1)IMG_20200318_114716 (1)

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