Ayrton Senna driver figure – Imola ’94

I’ve finished all the “Miliputting” now! – his head has now been properly attached, I gave him a pair of thumbs and added more detail to the suit and hat and generally refined the pose – so he looks pretty good now.  I’ve just undercoated him with a couple of primer coats, so while that dries I’ll get to work on adding detail to the flight-case (table) on which his helmet, gloves and (Rolands) flag are resting – I’ll also probably add a water bottle (which I’m carving from clear sprue) to include a balancing vertical.  All the levels and … Continue reading Ayrton Senna driver figure – Imola ’94

Ayrton Senna – Imola 1994

“Senna the Movie” has generated an unprecedented amount of discussion and interest into Ayrton Sennas life and indeed, his untimely and tragic death.  And while the movie has unleashed many new insights into different aspects of his racing career, it has also raised many more questions.  Ever since Senna burst onto the F1 scene back in the early ’80’s, I have always been a fan and I often found myself watching somewhat boring races just to see him perform.  I always felt once he was on track his mere presence held promise of something “different” happening, even when the race … Continue reading Ayrton Senna – Imola 1994