Ayrton Senna driver figure – Imola ’94

I’ve finished all the “Miliputting” now! – his head has now been properly attached, I gave him a pair of thumbs and added more detail to the suit and hat and generally refined the pose – so he looks pretty good now.  I’ve just undercoated him with a couple of primer coats, so while that dries I’ll get to work on adding detail to the flight-case (table) on which his helmet, gloves and (Rolands) flag are resting – I’ll also probably add a water bottle (which I’m carving from clear sprue) to include a balancing vertical.  All the levels and heights look right in terms of the way I wanted him to interact with the flag on the table – rather than have him holding it in his hands I was hoping to convey that moment where he’s obviously looking at it and considering it’s significance and potential – so hopefully that moment will be captured in the final piece.  I’m also planning a large painting based on this private moment – so I’ll post up some of my initial sketches for that also at some stage.  In the meantime, I’ll continue with this piece and hopefully get it finished for the IPMS show in Telford… more later.

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