Great idea for a Porsche 917 diorama!

During the Sebring 12 hour race in 1971 the Porsche 917 of Pedro Rodriguez & Jackie Oliver cashed into the back of Mark Donohues Sunoco sponsored Ferrari 512.  The impact tore off the right front wheel arch and headlamp cluster.  They made repairs with duck tape and constructed an improvised headlamp and kept the car going to finish 4th (incidentally Donohues car finished 6th).  The photo below shows the car in the pits with the repairs completed.  I came across a 1/24 scale plastic kit of a Porsche 917 by Heller the other day (while rummaging through the attic) – I was going to put it up on Ebay but now I think it will do nicely for a conversion job -sporting sticky tape and and a bicycle lamp!

N.B I’ve just discovered that a model Slot car of this actual Porsche (damage et al) is available!

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