Schumachers Schuberth lid

Continuing on with the GF driver figure, I want to include some extra detail in the helmet/visor.  On the helmet itself, I’ll include a drink tube extending from the helmet and the visor will look a lot better if I include the lifting handle at the front together with the small lift handles on either side and the tear-off visor ends.  I’ll also attach two small inflator tubes to the shoulder pads for the Hans device.  Firstly, the drink tube is made from a length of plastic taken from a department store price tag – (the type which attaches to the actual garment by being driven through the material)!  It’s cut to the required length and an end /connector is attached using textured paint – (once it dries it can be painted white/grey).  The textured paint (referred to as “3D paint”)  is branded “Tulip”.   Two holes drilled in the rim of the helmet (one for the end of the drink tube itself) and the other for a piece of twisted wire to represent a bracket which is then covered with the textured paint (and again it can be painted once dry).   After polishing the visor and dipping it twice in Johnsons Klear the sunstrip was applied followed by two more dippings in Klear.  The front handle and the top seal of the visor are represented once again with the textured paint.  All that remains is for me to attach the tear-off visor ends and the lift handles to the visor, attach the helmet (using the pin inserted in the back for the Hans device), the inflator tubes for the shoulder pads and apply paint to cover up the textured paint – more later.

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