Gilles Villeneuve – another take – WIP

This is another of the great 1/20 scale resin driver figures from GF-models.  This time I’ve depicted him wearing the helmet and white suit worn in the latter stages of his F1 career – some sources show this as the outfit he wore from the ’82 season (his last) and other references I’ve seen show him wearing it prior to that.  Once again, I had a go at using the old Tamiya decals from a couple of the Pit/Driver sets I have from over 20 years ago and (with the exception of the blue lines for the helmet) I was pleasantly surprised how they not only stood up to being immersed in water, but they also withstood being brushed with Microsol!   The “GIOCOBAZZI” and “SMEG” letterings were hand painted as these particular versions don’t come with the Tamiya set – the small “SMEG” logos and the “GPA” for the helmet once again didn’t come with the set so these together with a large portion of the blue lines around the helmet were hand painted.   I still have some tidying up in terms of painting and I’ll also coat the appropriate areas with matte varnish.  I have the visor already prepared and varnished – so I’ll hopefully finish this one off over the next day or so.

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