Valentina – another of Valentino Rossi’s team!

I assembled this figure some time ago using a combination of Superglue to attach the arms (and Epoxy to reinforce the legs together with metal pins) – so I thought there should be no problems with it all staying in one piece -alas one of the legs separated just below the knee – so this time I used a heavier grade pin and some really fresh Superglue and after 48 hours, so far so good.  I’ll attach it to the base and get started on painting – (which I probably won’t enjoy – I’ll try!).  I’ve done a little modifying by extending the hair down over the shoulder to cover a rather large seam around the arm and I’ve also added an MP3 player from metal foil – hopefully by strategically positioning the wires to the earphones/headset it will distract somewhat from the other more obvious attributes of this beautifully sculpted figure from the Pegaso range.  Not to the same scale, but a companion figure to  Rossis Nurse figure I also have on the bench at the moment …more on these later.

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