Projects on my bench – afraid this one rambles on…& on.. (updated Oct 31st) – Oh how scary!

Unfinished business!

One of the projects on my bench at the moment is a little vignette of Denny Hulme giving his team mate (and boss) Jack Brabham a lift back to the pits after the latters car broke down – an “F1 Taxi” if you will. Continue reading “Projects on my bench – afraid this one rambles on…& on.. (updated Oct 31st) – Oh how scary!”

Valentina – another of Valentino Rossi’s team!

I assembled this figure some time ago using a combination of Superglue to attach the arms (and Epoxy to reinforce the legs together with metal pins) – so I thought there should be no problems with it all staying in one piece -alas one of the legs separated just below the knee – so this time I used a heavier grade pin and some really fresh Superglue and after 48 hours, so far so good.  I’ll attach it to the base and get started on painting – (which I probably won’t enjoy – I’ll try!).  I’ve done a little modifying … Continue reading Valentina – another of Valentino Rossi’s team!

Rossi’s secret weapon!

After breaking his leg in June last year at Mugello, Valentino Rossi surprised everyone with his remarkably quick recovery 40 days later at the German round in the  Sachsenring – so what was the secret behind his amazing recovery!  We all know how fantastically resilient and determined an individual he is – I’m sure his mindset and focus were a key part of the recovery process but I’ve no doubt the medical care (and TLC) he received from the doctors and nurses had a  lot to do with it! My own take on it is merely meant to raise a … Continue reading Rossi’s secret weapon!

Vale 46 “WIP”

I started work on the Pegaso “Valentina” – figure today – somehow I managed to shake off that cold so as I was feeling much better, I decided to start the assembly process.  I have another couple of figues nearly ready for priming, so I thought if I got this assembled I could include it in the same batch for painting.   As with all figures (but particularly metal ones – due to their weight) I pinned all the main joints.  I drilled each joint out and used some very stout heavy gauge wire and superglue to anchor them.  Not shown … Continue reading Vale 46 “WIP”