Vale 46 “WIP”

I started work on the Pegaso “Valentina” – figure today – somehow I managed to shake off that cold so as I was feeling much better, I decided to start the assembly process.  I have another couple of figues nearly ready for priming, so I thought if I got this assembled I could include it in the same batch for painting.   As with all figures (but particularly metal ones – due to their weight) I pinned all the main joints.  I drilled each joint out and used some very stout heavy gauge wire and superglue to anchor them.  Not shown in the photo’s is the fact that I’ve already pinned the boots to the leg just under the knee and I’ve applied some filler.   So I will set that aside to dry and the next stage will be to bring all the parts together and apply filler to any gaps prior to painting ……more later.

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