Armco, Lemsip and lead foil – a great cure for the common cold!

I’m laying low today with a bit of a head cold, so my output from the studio wasn’t great.  I piled in some vitamin c together with Panadol and armed with a few of boxes of tissues I did some on-line research for a couple of F1 modelling projects I’m planning.  I also got to work with some lead foil to finish off the Armco barrier I started a while back – nothing too taxing – when I needed a break from the web, I spent a while forming some foil round the end of the armco with a wooden dowel.   Brass pins from a Billings boat kit were used to represent the bolts.  I used a lighter grade (top of a yogurt carton) to create a template for some 1/20 scale helmet visors.  Not a lot to show for the day but it took my mind off that stuffed-up feeling so in that sense it was satisfying!

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