Celebrations all round for; Number 46!!

Celebrations for Inter's new Team Doctor!!

I eventually got Vales Inter Milan shirt sorted  – and curiously enough I gave him number 46 – what else??  The paintjob went fine but the decals were a nightmare.  I used a combination of MSM and my own printed version (for Pirelli and Inter) – yes can you imagine the negotiations involved if Vale was to even think about wearing anything with conflicting branding?? – Pirelli v Bridgestone – the lawyers would have a field day!  I also left out the Nike logo and used the AGV crest as I felt it was more appropriate (and doubled as the Italian flag)!  For some reason neither of the decal types would conform without a serious amount of Microsol – (possibly something to do with the Klear varnish I used – or perhaps the Microsol is past it’s best – so I don’t know) .  After the first generous application they began to lift and crack!   Some more Microsol (and a touch of paint was called for) and eventually they began to; as my Grandmother used to say : “sit down and behave!” Job done – enjoy the photos, Cheers for now.

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