Siffert and Hill Monaco 1967

I continue to be slightly obsessed with replicating “F1 Taxis” scenes in miniature.  Quite a common sight on many a GP weekend over the years, however, if the FIA have their way, they will become a rare sight indeed as they will likely be added to the never ending (daft) list of banned actions on the track.  As I say, I continue to attempt my own interpretation in 43rd scale of some of what I see as “wonderful little distractions” – and currently I’m working on three different scenes brought about by these “out-takes” from the racing action as follows;  Jo Siffert aboard Graham Hil’s Lotus (from the Monaco Grand Prix in 1967), Jacky Ickx on the sidepod of Jochen Mass’s Arrows (French GP – 1979) and finally (for the moment anyway) Richie Ginther giving Innes Ireland and Jo Bonnier a lift on the back of his Honda (Claremont Ferrand – 1965).  All are work in progress; The limbs on the Siffert figure will be thinned down once the Milliput has fully cured.  I find it quicker to make the leg and arm thickness bigger than necessary during the sculpting phase and then carve them down to size once it’s hardened.  I’m still in the process of building up the Jacky Ickx figure on wire armature and finally, I’ve just begun to dismantle a Quartzo diecast Honda in preparation for the “Three- up” on Ginthers machine.  More on the way, Cheers for now…

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