Wargame figure – French Napoleonic – 28mm

I painted this little guy some months ago as a one piece “character” figure and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience – the proportions are bang on (even in this tiny scale) and well, he just looks “right” in terms of the whole Napoleonic genre.  He’s from the wonderful Foundry Miniatures range and to get him I had to buy a set of four figures.   As I had no intention of seriously painting the other three figures (I’m not a big fan of painting whole armies unless they are character groups) – I consigned them to the spares box.  A friend of mine spotted this figure when he visited recently and was very taken with  it and wondered if I would paint up the other figures in the group for him – I eventually agreed and said I would get back to him in my own time – that was two weeks ago – do you think I can find the other figures – high up, low down and all that but no luck??  Things sometimes have a way of working themselves out.    I think I’ll send him a link to this post!!

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