Workbench Log-jam caused by the Weather & Wimbledon!!!

I still have a number of projects log-jammed on the workbench – Lots of figures and that F10 project I started a while back.  My main problem is the weather and Wimbledon Tennis!  – I started to re-lay my deck at the back of the house when the weather was bright and sunny some weeks back – (I should be well finished it by now) but the weather has been so changeable in the last month – warm sunshine one minute followed by very heavy showers the next!   I spend my time setting up all the gear and the rest of the day taking it down and then setting it up…………aaaaghhh!  Then, when I’m waiting for the showers to clear instead of getting some model building done, I’m watching Wimbledon – it’s just such compulsive viewing – especially the other day when we had an Irish player in the first round called Conor Niland – he put up a great battle – he really showed some fantastic bottle but he just couldn’t keep it going and in the end was beaten by Mannarino – which has absolutely nothing to do with my Modelling Log-jam!!!  – So what to do…?   Well the chances of getting much done on the modelling front in the next week is not good – weather forecast is not too bad – so I should get the deck finished – CORRECTION – I’ve just been told: – “I WILL GET THE DECK FINISHED”!!!   So with Wimbledon still in full swing and me working on the deck it’s going to be a bit of a balancing act – also not forgetting F1 from Valencia and MotoGP from Assen – nothing else for it – I think my back has just slipped a disc – now where’s that TV guide!!!!

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