The Guys from Le Garagiste

The Guys from Le Garagiste put on a wonderful display of superbly built miniature motorsport pieces at the IPMS Nationals in Telford last week-end. I lost count of the number of models on this 90 foot long display – I gave up counting after getting well into into three figures.   In fact, I’ve been to model shows which haven’t been as big as this.  The display was beautifully choreographed into logical sections covering various aspects of Motorsport – both two and four wheels, F1, Sports Cars, Rallying and a section devoted to motorsport “Stateside” – and all very cleverly done to entice the eye in.  My favourite was the Homage to all the cars which carried those famous Martini colors and of course the Senna display featuring all his F1 mounts over the years.   This extensive display was the  modelling output of just nine guys which is amazing, and before anyone jumps to the conclusion that these guys are in any way “Anoraks” and “don’t get out much”,  the opposite is the case as these guys really know how to enjoy themselves!   Their hospitality knows no bounds and they laid on a wonderful culinary spread washed down with their own labelled “Garagiste Rosso” and of course the ubiquitous “Dry Martinis” and at the same time, they gave a great insight into their model building and painting processes – wonderful stuff.  So many thanks Alex, Richard, Tony, Gary, Shane – unfortunately I didn’t get to meet the entire team (they were so busy meeting and greeting!) so pass on my best wishes, and I very much look forward to seeing you all there again next year!