Senna Imola ’94 – WIP

I’m still trying to decide on a satisfactory composition for the various elements of this little diorama.  I want to give prominence to the Senna figure and try to convey a sombre mood as he takes a few private moments planning his own tribute to the tragic passing of a fellow driver – Roland Ratzenberger.   So I’ve concentrated my painting efforts up to now on the figure and the flag.  I had considered putting a lot more detail on the flight case such as handles, CF panels, rivets and the ubiquitous Williams Renault decals – I was also going to have some Rothmans & Williams decals on the chair back but at the moment I feel they distract from the mood and are somewhat irrelevant to the story.  I also thought it would be better if I left his helmet on the ground as the contrasting effect it creates might distract the viewers eye from the key elements.  Anyway, the figure and flag are coming along nicely – I’m happy enough with the skin tones but I still have to add the stitching lines to the suit.  I might also add a bottle of water from stretched sprue (as a balancing vertical) to the table.  In order to manage the process of composing the piece I made a small base from a block of polystyrene  covered with black mounting card and with the edges finished in “CF” affect contact paper.  Once I have it finalised, I’ll probably mount the piece on something more sturdy.    I was hoping to enter this piece in the IPMS show in Telford this week-end, however, I’ve had to scratch that idea as I’ve since discovered that it’s not an “open” show and only caters for IPMS members but I’ll still probably bring it with me as a couple of guys who will be attending have expressed an interest in seeing it – I must remember to join the IPMS for next year!  In the meantime, enjoy the pic’s – cheers for now and next week I’ll post up a gallery of pictures from the Telford show – all the best for now.

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