More on that F10 – are we there yet….are we there yet……are we….??

Painfully slow but looking good (I think!) – anyway I’ve let my imagination “run” a bit when applying the decals – lots of improvisation and creative license! While I’m committed to the all matt black finish, it occurred to me that it might be a little more pleasing to the eye if I created some “echoes” so to speak which would break up (a bit of a contradiction on my part- apologies) the overall black but would at the same time create a kind of harmony!  So I added some of these “echos” by applying some additional carbon-fibre to the upper body to echo the under-body floor finish finish. 

I decided the two potential locations would be the exhaust panels and the tops of the wing mirrors – I used the black decals from the kit as a template to create new ones in C/F for the exhaust panels.  I added the C/F to the wing mirrors free hand.  In terms of the decals, I wanted to make some reference to the Marl*oro relationship so I went for a barcode on the top of the rear wing.  This came in the kit with the combined red/white so I trimmed the red portion off in order to get back to the basic black.  As I look at it now I think I’ll apply another barcode decal to the nose area – running vertically down the nose from the cockpit – so I’ll have a look in my spare decal stash for something suitable.  So what’s left to do? – well after the front wing and wheels it just remains to add one or two Bridgestone decals to the front wing struts, touch up the pitot tube base ( which I added from guitar string) and it should be done – so more later – in the meantime some photos.

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