Alonso Helmet – from the “unhappy period” at McLaren!

Alonso helmet

This helmet started life as a 1/8 scale Minichamps Damon Hill Jordan helmet.  I wanted to create the helmet Alonso would have worn when he drove for McLaren.  The move to McLaren from the Renault team promised much but it soon turned out to be a mistake for everyone involved that year. Continue reading “Alonso Helmet – from the “unhappy period” at McLaren!”

More on that F10 – are we there yet….are we there yet……are we….??

Painfully slow but looking good (I think!) – anyway I’ve let my imagination “run” a bit when applying the decals – lots of improvisation and creative license! While I’m committed to the all matt black finish, it occurred to me that it might be a little more pleasing to the eye if I created some “echoes” so to speak which would break up (a bit of a contradiction on my part- apologies) the overall black but would at the same time create a kind of harmony!  So I added some of these “echos” by applying some additional carbon-fibre to the upper body to echo the under-body floor finish finish.  Continue reading “More on that F10 – are we there yet….are we there yet……are we….??”

Black Art and a Dark (prancing) horse!

In between applying decals to the F10 I’ve been doing two sketches of it in ink using a “cross-hatching” technique .  I attached the model to a piece of cardboard with some shrink wrap in order to protect the matt paint finish from my own finger marks.  The paint is quite durable and so far it’s “mark free”, but I thought it was worth taking the precaution while applying the decals.   Very nearly there – more later. Continue reading “Black Art and a Dark (prancing) horse!”

F10 Steering wheel…important bit @300KPH!

Another little piece of the jigsaw – I popped some color and various shades of grey to bring this rather important pice of the jigsaw together – so far it’s looking ok – I may use a little bit of CF to make it a bit more convincing and I also have to place the prancing horse logo in the centre… and on we go…boring, boring I hear you say – yep!! & as I couldn’t decide which pic was the most clear, I posted them all! Continue reading F10 Steering wheel…important bit @300KPH!