Pauls Mini Art featured on RTE Television

I was very fortunate recently to have my work shown in an episode of the successful Nationwide programme broadcast on RTE One (Irelands National TV station).  Nationwide brings Irish viewers an eclectic mix of news and views from around the country and on the 27th January last in a special themed episode featuring miniatures and model-makers, I very much enjoyed my five minutes of fame  The programme’s presenter Anne Cassin and cameraman Paul made us feel very relaxed during what turned out to be a full day’s work of filming.  Loads of footage of the miniatures was shot and of course yours truly found no difficulty in waffling non-stop during the interview about my passion for formula 1, miniatures and art in general. The edited footage is more than I could have hoped for and my wife and I are absolutely delighted with how it turned out.  While I was waffling-on during the interviews, Anne’s talent as a broadcaster came to the fore and she expertly extracted the relevant material to weave a great storyline which includes footage of the late great Ayrton Senna.  To have my name mentioned in the same sentence as Ayrton Senna on the national airwaves is something I never imagined happening, but to see me occupying a couple of frames alongside the great man well,……….it seems that our wildest dreams can come true!

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