Vettel gets the finger out once again!


"Getting the finger out"!

After two stunning back to back winning seasons, things haven’t really gone to plan for Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel so far this year.  His regular victorious “Finger pointing” pose which we saw him adopt with such regularity during last years season of total dominance has become a bit of a rare sight so far during 2012. However, with that wonderful winning drive in Bahrain back in April he once again, shall we say; “Got his finger out”!! Given the improvement in performance from many of the other teams this year, (which has resulted in six different winners so far) the Bulls (and in particular Vettel) are not going to have it all their own way.   Despite the recent ruling against the Red Bulls rear floor design, I’m sure Mr Newey is busy working away with his sliderule to get the team back to their winning ways – so I’ve no doubt that finger will be back to it’s “pointing ways” once again before too long!   In the meantime, this is my interpretation of Sebastians victory pose in 1/43 scale using a heavily modified Denizen casting.  As Vettel uses a different helmet design for each outing I’ve employed a bit of “artistic licence” and compiled my own pattern together with the amber colored visors he often uses.  I’ve also included radio lines and a drink tube.  All hand painted in acrylics – unfortunately I couldn’t source any Red Bull decals in 43rd scale so for now I’ve had my fill of seeing that particular logo!


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