Back to basics!!

Basic stuff!

As I imagined my photographer figure snapping happy at the top of Eau Rouge, I thought he should be perched on a scenic (grass) base given that he’s out in the countryside?  I ‘ve applied a couple of layers of grit followed by two layers of static grass and the whole lot has been given a couple of washes of brown/green Vallejo.  So I’ll let that dry thoroughly and then give it the dry brush treatment to bring it back to life.  As I’d poured out more white glue than I wanted, I used up the excess on some other Wargame figures waiting for some groundwork – in particular the pair of Senna & Prost as they make their way back to the pits after that famous clash in Suzuka – maybe my photographer figure can get in on the act!   They’ve all been given an initial layer of grit to be followed by perhaps another layer and then the grass etc – it’s all very basic really!!



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