Job done …….first of many….I hope…….

Capturing the action at Eau Rouge

…….yes this is the first one to leave the bench in the last eight weeks – so hopefully many more will follow!   It’s a metal casting from Tarckpass of a photographer in current garbe complete with combat shorts!  I imagine him at the top of Eau Rouge capturing some great action shots as the cars crest what must be the most spectacular corner on the f1 calendar – hence the little Belgian flag on his tabbard!  I hear Mr. Ecclestone say recently that we may see some of the older European circuits disappear from the F1 calendar as newer ones come on stream – (unfortunately it does cost mega millions to host F1 racing) and with the older circuits finding it more difficult to come up with the cash, “me-thinks” Spa Francorchamps is in the firing line!   So with that in mind, I plan to head there in 2013 and hopefully take my own shots from the top of Eau Rouge before the sight and sound of a current F1 car being driven through there at anger is consigned to folklore!!

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