“To the victor goes the spoils”…..


"Piquet the victor of '83"

… or put another way – “To the winner goes the booty”!  On the ‘Bay at the moment, World Champion from 1983, Nelson Piquet and his BT 52.  Originally this was a Quartzo World Champ’ set with a plastic figure a bottle of bubbly, and a trophy all centered around the BT52 and the podium. I always liked the BT52 so I decided to try and improve the overall presentation by “ditching” the plastic figure and instead used a metal casting from Denizen so after having it on my bench for the last few weeks I’ve finally finished it.  I added the Parmalat cap and hair from Miliput, and attached the trophy to the figure as though he’s finished his victory celebrations and he’s heading back to the motor home leaving the bottle of bubbly on the podium.  Unfortunately I couldn’t save the decals from the old figure so all logos etc had to be hand painted.  The car is intact except for one of the Michelin decals which had worn away on the left rear – or it could just be evidence of a hard fought battle on the track!  To cover up parts of the base where the trophy and figure were originally located, I stuck on some carbon affect material and some Michelin and a BMW decal I had in the spares box and I reattached the bottle on the podium. Cheers,


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