“Biggles (and friends) head to the Bay”! – (updated 14th Mar’)


An iconic character from mid 50’s British comic-books was Captain James Bigglesworth, better known as “Biggles”.  As an aero ace and hero of two world wars he spent his time travelling the globe from Afghanistan  to the Amazon  (hence the byline “Biggles goes…”) searching out “the baddies” – (an early “007” if you will) and it was always such a good adventure!  Another 28mm metal character figure (by North Star I think) – enjoyable and fun to make and paint.  Painted, varnished, based and ready to take on a new adventure on a dining room table! Cheers for now,

I’ve done a slight conversion to this Denizen figure to give it a little more life and at the same time represent Ayrton Senna from his time with Team Lotus.  The original casting had the fireproof balaclava obscuring part of the face below the nose, so I’ve carved back the metal to reveal the full face.   I’ve painted him up with Camel yellow – (slightly orange-yellow) and I used a nice set of decals from MSM creation to complete the look.

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