Alain Prost & Williams FW15

Prost & FW15

I’m continuing to thin-out my diecast collection and in the process I’m trying to create some unique combinations of driver figures and cars.  If it offers me the opportunity to improve aspects of the figure or car well, all the better.  This combination depicts former world champion Alain Prost from his time with Williams driving the FW15.  The car is a diecast by Onyx and the figure is from Scalelink.  I’m chopping the original driver figure out and replacing it with a suitable seat and harness – I’ll probably keep the steering wheel and helmet to re-use in the display.  So far, I’ve done some basic painting on the figure and after a hell of a job getting the body of the car open, (held together with rivets instead of screws!), I bet it’s going to be just a difficult to line it up in order to reseal it – we shall see!!

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