“Le Petit Professeur”!

This is another of my 1/43rd scale driver figures.  Cast in metal by Denizen it has a remarkable likeness to Alain Prost! aka: “Le petit Professeur”. Other than using one “Marlboro” decal for the back of the figure, I finished the rest in Valejo acrylics (using a little bit of artistic licence here and there!) followed by two protective coats of matte varnish.  The gloves (which are cast flat) are also a Denizen item.  I was undecided about how to place them with the figure so I used two pairs (one flat and the other I bent with a pair … Continue reading “Le Petit Professeur”!

Senna and Prost

I originally painted both these figures (made by Modellers) a couple of months back.  I was going to take some more photo’s of them today and the colors looked to me to be a bit “flat” so I did a bit of touch up and re-glazed both red suits with a red orange to lift them slightly. I also painted a small logo on the chest of Prosts T shirt.  It occupied me for an hour or so and gave me a chance to do a bit of color mixing. Continue reading Senna and Prost

Alain Prost 1/20 miniature driver figure

I’m still popping back to my line-up of miniature driver figures from time to time and yesterday, I spent a while painting the flesh tones on this Alain Prost figure.  It’s based on an old Modellers figure which I have modified slightly (see earlier posts) – I’m reasonably happy with it so far so next time, I’ll paint the stitching and shading on the clothing followed with the helmet and the application of decals etc – more on this one soon. Continue reading Alain Prost 1/20 miniature driver figure


I’ve just started another batch of 1/20 scale F1 driver figures – includes Prost, Schumacher, Alonso, two versions of Senna, Gilles Villeneuve, Hamilton etc… So far, I’ve blocked in the main values on the two Sennas and Prost and some facial tones on one of the Schumachers and Alonso… better get on with the rest of the painting! Continue reading WORK IN PROGRESS – 1/20 SCALE F1 DRIVER FIGURES