“Le Petit Professeur”!

This is another of my 1/43rd scale driver figures.  Cast in metal by Denizen it has a remarkable likeness to Alain Prost! aka: “Le petit Professeur”. Other than using one “Marlboro” decal for the back of the figure, I finished the rest in Valejo acrylics (using a little bit of artistic licence here and there!) followed by two protective coats of matte varnish.  The gloves (which are cast flat) are also a Denizen item.  I was undecided about how to place them with the figure so I used two pairs (one flat and the other I bent with a pair of pliers so they would sit both atop the helmet and droop from within the visor.  The diecast is a Ferrari 641 (from the La Storia collection) which Prost drove as World champion in 1990.

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