Ferrari F10 seat harness

Using a beautiful little Folding tool (the Flip-R5) from RB Productions, I’ve started folding the parts from the SCALE Motorsport photoetch 1/24 Harness  kit # 8124.  I have to admit my approach to folding photoetch in the past has been very unscientific – a razor-blade and the edge of a steel ruler was always guaranteed to produce a slightly wonky result!   The photoetch kits from SCALE Motorsport are top class and using the Flip-R5 for the first time was an absolute revelation – never knew it could be so easy – a wonderful little tool which made short work of a task I always dreaded.   I was nearly going to embark on a photoetch extravaganza and bend the entire stash of Etch I’ve been terrified of – all manner of aftermarket bits and pieces I’ve purchased over the years for many of my (as yet) unstarted projects.  In fact, I’m so far ahead (dreaming about future projects) that I haven’t even bought the primary kit in some instances! However, I managed to steady myself and continue focussing on the job in hand!  More later…

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