F10 Seat harness…………..

…….at the third attempt!  I’ve lost so many of the fiddly bits from the belt buckle set as they flew off in all sorts of directions around the room that I’ve ended up cobbling together a very unorthodox looking harness – but for now it’s done – well nearly – I have to trim some of the hairyier looking bits and add the Santander logos to the shoulder straps.   The other problem I had was getting the straps to sit down correctly rather than standing proud of the seat.  Seat harnesses are quite a weighty item (given that they have to withstand such heavy G forces) and the real items always sit right rown under their own weight.  I cut out recesses in the seat bottom and attached them from underneath and I then used a bit of “gentle persuasion” with some Superglue to get them to obey!   I keep running into all sorts of distractions with this project – I’m only back from a weeks painting in the Algarve and now I’m getting sidelined catching up on all the World Cup Rugby I taped while I was away – what a result by our lads in Green!  The Wallaby opposition always makes our lads punch way above their weight and it never fails to produce a great game – what a match – I’ve watched it twice already!  Back to the F10 – next is the steering wheel -(after I watch Wales against Namibia!!)

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