The “All American”

Dan Gurney

Racing Dioramics make some beautiful large scale figures (1/18) in resin.  The figures have so much character, they clean up well and are a joy to paint.  This is my rendition of the Dan Gurney figure which I’ve finished in the familiar Goodyear livery of the late 60’s.  The figure is intended to be posed entering or exiting the car.  I believe it’s a perfect parter with the Exoto GT40, i.e, with one hand holding the door and the other against the roof.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a GT40 so instead, I’ve posed him with a Kyosho AC Cobra.  The Goodyear lettering is a decal with the rest of the detail (including the stripes) painted using Vallejo acrylics.   One of Gurneys trademarks was always his highly lacquered helmet and to replicate this on the figure I first painted it black and then gave it a dozen coats of Klear.  A lens I cut from acetate was added to the goggles together with a retaining strap made from metal foil and fuse-wire.  Subtle shading was added to the driving overalls to create depth and then given two coats of matt varnish. The figure is up on the “Bay” at the moment, Cheers,

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