Some iconic F1 brands join the “JYS” troupe – updated Dec 9th

I eventually got the first couple of figures from this lot to a point where they are begining to look the part.  One of the male spectators is sporting a Rolliflex camera (I always loved those), TWA kit bag together with hairstyle and clothes appropriate to the period.  Jackie and Helen (Stewart) are nearly there, but I still have to make up some Tyrrell related decals for his team jacket.  All figures are based on modified commercial castings and then recast by hand.  So far so good…, more soon……..As of Dec 8th, just added some iconic F1 brands in the form of two glamorous females; one sporting a Yardley outfit (sponsors of both BRM and McLaren teams back in the day (in different seasons) and athe other lady lending her support to the UOP Shadow team.  For now, I’ve just suggested the logos with paint but I have appropriate decals in train to complete both figures.  I’ve added some pics of the real merchandise which provided the inspiration.  More later on this group. 11428286_1680159305552196_217846767_n-480x480 img_20161208_122757-800x600 img_20161208_123358-600x800 img_20161208_123449-600x800 img_20161208_123459-600x800 img_20161208_123511-600x800 img_20161208_123520-600x800 img_20161208_123556-600x800 img_20161208_123648-800x600 img_20161208_171614-600x800 img_20161208_171507-600x800 img_20161208_171817-800x600 img_20161208_171843-800x600 5b0293479f447979fd507f89c4b456ee 201517788252_1

img_20161128_205145-600x800 img_20161128_205119-600x800 img_20161128_205054-726x800 img_20161128_205038-589x800 img_20161128_205017-800x600 img_20161128_204942-600x800 img_20161128_204854-596x800 img_20161128_204817-800x744

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