Team Lotus legends – Jim Clark, Graham Hill together with the groundbreaking Lotus 49

Jim Clark and Graham Hill were two drivers who helped define Formula 1 back in the early sixties.  Driving for Team Lotus, they both secured the World Drivers Championship (Clark in ’63, ’65 and Hill in ’68) and both drivers were key in the development project which brought about the creation of the revolutionary Lotus 49 powered by the new Ford DFV engine.   It’s hard to overstate the importance of the Lotus 49 design and it’s impact on the sport.  The brainchild of Colin Chapman, the 49 featured a chassis with the Ford DFV engine bolted to the rear (acting as an extension) onto which the suspension and gearbox were attached.    In the words of some; “It was a setup so advanced that it completely rewrote the rule book of F1 car design”.  With the Lotus 49 in the competent hands of Clark and Hill, it made Team Lotus a formidable force on the race track, writing the trio into the F1 history books and in the process becoming “stuff of Legend”.   The figures are converted 1/43 Denizen then recast by hand and painted with Vallejo acrylics.   For the moment, I have rendered the branding on both figures with paint, but I will apply appropriate decals to help refine the detail.  The diecast is by Vitesse.

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