More on that “Third man” conversion (WIP)!

Well the mysterious “Third man”, turns out to be none other than; Jenson Button! In 2009 he was F1 World Champion, and one of his podiums from that year was; China, when he finished third behind the Red Bulls.  The Brawn car and figure is by Minichamps, however, to bring them together as a “top 3” diorama, I might substitute the figure of Button with a more suitable version by Racing Dioramics.  The Dioramics figure might also require some modifications (to the arms) in order to give him a more “inclusive pose”!   More on these later.

IMG_20170719_114025 (800x600) IMG_20170719_113958 (600x800) IMG_20170719_114037 (600x800)

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