Another (and my final version) Senna figure!

They are no longer an operating racing team, but Toleman Hart have the distinction of being the team that gave the legendary Ayrton Senna his debut outing in Formula 1.  Sennas’ performance and speed impressed many in the F1 world during a number of tests (with various teams such as Brabham, Williams, McLaren and Toleman) at the end of 1983/start of ’84, so it was only a question of which team would get him first.  In the end it was Toleman, and this figure depicts Sennas’ driving suit sporting the key sponsor Sergio Tacchini on the front, together with the ever so distinctive (and iconic) yellow helmet.   Based on an original Minichamps 1/18 scale figure (which has been modified) and recast in resin.  The figure is painted with Vallejo acrylics throughout and finished with a mixture of custom and aftermarket decals.

IMG_20170803_182051 (600x800) IMG_20170803_182037 (600x800) IMG_20170803_181659 (600x800) IMG_20170803_181734 (600x800) IMG_20170803_181910 (600x800) IMG_20170803_181949 (600x800)

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