Playmobil Porsche GT3 – Jagermeister!!

Another “fun” project and this time, its a real hark back in time to a really great toy; Playmobil, but with a twist!  My kids, (who are all mature “thirty somethings”) now all loved playing with a variety of play-sets by Playmobil.  It’s great to see it still going strong after all these years, and now my grandsons are also having loads of fun and enjoyment with it!  So when I first saw the Porsche GT3 set, I thought; Wow, – what a great set, (“Grandad could do with that”!) and the proportions of the model car itself are spot on.  I was very tempted to just treat myself to it, but I allowed sense to prevail – (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).  Some months later, I was going through my stash, and I came across some “leftover” Jagermeister decals from the Tamiya Porsche and straight away, it reminded me of the Playmobil Porsche and the potential for a livery conversion!  So, yes you’ve guessed it, I got my Playmobil Porsche, and after a gentle rub down with some rubbing compound, I masked it up, laid on some primer and now it’s decked out in a suitable shade of orange!  I’ll let it dry for a couple of days and then apply the decals, so hopefully it will capture that iconic look, and it might even appeal to a collector, we shall see!

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