Playmobil Porsche GT3 -Jagermeister Decal conversion

I really enjoyed converting this Playmobil model – essentially a toy car, but as I said in an earlier posting, the scale proportions are excellent and it really looks more than it is!  The decals went on very well and aside from the new paint job and Jaegermeister livery, it has enough of the essential details to carry the purposeful look of a GT3.  The big wing, squat rear and really nice wheels and tires – slicks and wets are both included! Three AAA batteries power the LED lights front and rear, and it comes with all the pit accessories and figures to make up the scene depicted on the box top.   It’s a unique piece, makes a great display, is aimed squarely at the collector and is for sale!IMG_20191004_223702

IMG_20191004_222819 IMG_20191004_222844


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