Tribute to Tazio!

This is a resin figure of Tazio Nuvolari I had in my stash which I painted up to represent a bronze statue of the great man.

It’s a 1/32 scale figure, and I thought a novel way of completing it would be to mount it on a (commercially available – Italieri) plastic gate pillar, and display it as a statue. I added Tazio’s famous Tortoise talisman using Milliput to complete the combination.  It would be a perfect addition to a slot car display.  The Laurel Wreath / Victory garland is also resin, and I painted it up in the Italian national colors.







IMG_20191101_224511 (1)IMG_20191101_224604 (1)

IMG_20191101_224617 (1)

IMG_20191101_224554 (2)




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