Three of (one of the best F1 drivers)……Gilles!

Gilles - F1 milestones

Few would disagree with that strapline, particularly when Enzo Ferrari himself likened Villeneuve to the great Tazio Nuvolari. “When they presented me with this ‘piccolo Canadese’ (little Canadian), this minuscule bundle of nerves, I immediately recognised in him the physique of Nuvolari and said to myself, let’s give him a try.” Continue reading “Three of (one of the best F1 drivers)……Gilles!”

Casadio (Revival) Alfa Romeo P3 1/20 scale

Casadio Alfa Romeo P3

I bought this Casadio Alfa Romeo (P3) 1/20 scale metal kit on Ebay recently.  Some partial assembly has been done by the previous owner and judging by the poor finish, I would say it was done by someone who had little or no experience at model building – hence I got it at a good price. Continue reading “Casadio (Revival) Alfa Romeo P3 1/20 scale”