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Unlikely bedfellows?
Unlikely bedfellows?


Just putting the final touches to these three figures.  Although the presence of Nuvolari looks out of context among this lot, he has an actual (albeit slightly tenuous) link to one of the two others! When Nuvolari achieved that fantastic victory in his underpowered Alfa at Nurburgring in 1935, A.H. was no doubt fuming at the unexpected defeat of both his mighty Mercedes and Auto Union teams.   I can’t find any evidence that he himself was present at the track, but for the purpose of this little grouping I’ve included him, just so I can indulge myself in knowing that he had to suffer the embaressment of the moment in person -Lol!  Keeping watch over A.H is Count Von Stauffenberg, just waiting for the right moment to strike – although he can’t do much without his special briefcase – which I have yet to add!  What a very brave individual he was to deliver the bomb in person, knowing that as the chances of success were slim his fate would be sealed.  Both military figures are fine metal castings from Valiant and Nuvolari is in resin from Meridiana.  I’ve just made a slight modification to Nuvolari by adding his trademark tortoise emblem using Milliput to render a broch on the neckline of his sweater;  More later, Cheers.

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I’ve stopped fiddling with the Nuvolari figure now and an appropriate (mini) poster downloaded and printed off from my inkjet finishes off the background base.  My attic must have swallowed up my 1/32 scale Matchbox Auto Union kit, so I picked up a nice one at a good price on the “Bay” and in the meantime, it’s been added to my never ending WIP list  – so “lot’s of luck in finishing that one” – I hear you say! More on these later….Cheers,

2014-09-18 15.06.472014-09-18 15.39.262014-09-18 15.16.362014-09-18 15.09.192014-09-18 15.08.072014-09-18 15.09.07

These other two have just departed my bench for the Bay:

2014-09-20 21.38.32 2014-09-20 21.40.28 2014-09-20 21.42.22

Two recently completed conversions using Denizen castings to depict Moss and Jenkinson; as they recc’e the route and compile pace notes for the 1955 Mille Miglia course in their Mercedes 300SLR.  The diecast from Altaya is nicely detailed with reasonable wheels and even a tartan pattern on the seats.   Both figures required new heads and arms and in the case of Jenkinson, a resculpted face and beard in Milliput.  Arms were attached with metal pins and filled with Milliput.  Painting was done using Valejo acrylics sealed two coats of matt varnish – car and figures are available now on the ‘Bay!.

DSCF75002 DSCF75012 DSCF74932 DSCF74832 DSCF74792 DSCF74812

Some more 43rd’s – James Hunt together with a pair of sports car drivers from the sixties and in the larger 1/18 scale, a Keke Rosberg from his DTM days.   This is a factory finished figure from Endurance which I picked this up many years ago second-hand. It needed a little bit of touching up and while I was at it, I thought I’d finish the “cool Keke” look by adding a king size filter – well back in the day, he was the “coolest Mr. Marlboro” in the F1 pitlane!   The helmet is a recast from a 1/18 Minichamp driver figure painted in acrylics and sealed with several of coats of Klear.

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