First there was “EJ” and then came “Jordan” or was it………


"EJ" & "Jordan"
“EJ” & “Jordan”

……..the other way round!?   These two are recasts of modified Denizen figures depicting two of the key characters from the Jordan F1 team; “EJ” himself and”Jordan” (aka; Katie Price) which I’ve painted up in their famous (and in my opinion the nicest) yellow B&H livery. 

To make the “EJ” figure it involved sculpting a new head , however, Jordan required a bit of shall we say, chassis realignment?? – enough said!   While the Jordan F1 team is sadly no longer with us, “EJ” continues to make his mark on the sport as part of the BBC commentary team and as “Jordan” continues to add to her ever expanding business lines, she is regarded as one of the most business savvy women on the planet..

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