Tazio Nuvolari in 43rd -(Updated 31st Oct)

Tazio Nuvolari
Tazio Nuvolari

At long last I’ve gotten this Tazio Nuvolari figure completed – there’s just something about the grittiness of his character that is so difficult to capture.  Perhaps there are elements of it that I’ve succeeded with in this effort but one way or the other, I’ll keep trying. The figure is based on a Denizen casting (which I modified/resculpted) and then recast in white metal.  I’ve finished it with the usual Vallejo acrylics and posed him alongside the Mille Miglia winning Alfa 6c from 1930 – what else!

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This is another variation of Nuvolari which I’m currently painting, and this time, in his “two wheel guise” when he rode for Moto Bianchi.  The figure is a modified Scalelink which I’ve recast, and the inspiration for the coloring on his sweater came from a period picture. The main values have been blocked and with some more refinement it should be finished soon.

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