Some of my 1/18 diecasts

Something I never seem to have the time to do, sorry, I should rephrase that; Something I never seem to make time for is, reviewing my diecast collection!.  Over the last couple of years I have been ferreting away diecasts of my favorite cars with the intention of making a proper display case for them in fact, that’s the real problem!  Many of the most beautiful model cars I have are still in their original packaging and carefully stored in a dark press, away from any preying eyes or little sticky fingers!  Recently, I made an attempt at re-organizing my “collection press” during which time, I discovered I had duplicates of some cars – that’s how disorganized I am!.  Anyhow, I didn’t complete my re-organization attempt but I was happy with my discovery at finding the extra models.  I’ll hopefully return to the reorganization element, but before that, I’ll have to solve the display case issue.  In the meantime, here are a some photo’s of the lovely duplicate models I found and which are now destined to be listed on eBay! 

PXL_20201113_2355374162PXL_20201124_130218097PXL_20201124_125631142PXL_20201124_125347324 (2)PXL_20201128_002259350 PXL_20201113_2346495792 PXL_20201113_2348034322 PXL_20201113_2348508422 PXL_20201113_2349026592 PXL_20201113_2350423392 PXL_20201112_171819164 (1)2 PXL_20201112_1716517912 PXL_20201113_2346495792 PXL_20201113_2348034322 PXL_20201113_2349026592 PXL_20201112_2248341502 PXL_20201112_2305055382 PXL_20201112_2304530532 PXL_20201112_1715127742 PXL_20201110_2135513452 PXL_20201110_2137543772 PXL_20201110_2139284912 PXL_20201110_2139479542 PXL_20201110_214023154 (1)2 PXL_20201107_2255041062 PXL_20201107_2254071232 PXL_20201107_2251403112
















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